Banned Ingredients

We guarantee that every product we recommend is also free from substances that are widely known to cause adverse health effects. We consistently update our list of banned ingredients in light of changing health and safety regulations, and the latest scientific findings. We strictly adhere to EU and U.S. Cosmetics regulations.

See a full list of our banned ingredients here:

Butylated HydroxytoluenePreservativeSkin irritant
Butylated HydroxyanisolePreservativeSkin irritant Carcinogenic, May cause hormone disruption,
ButoxyethanolViscosity control solventSkin irritant Carcinogenic, May cause reproductive harm and organ toxicity.
Benzophenone and derivativeChemical UV blockerThe FDA has stated that further data is required to evaluate safety and efficacy of chemical sunscreens.
EDTABinding agentMay cause organ toxicity and irritation. Environmental harm.
EthanolaminesSurfactant, pH adjusterAllergen, May cause organ toxicity, endocrine disruption, And reproductive harm.
HydroquinoneSkin bleaching agentMetabolite of the carcinogen benzene, And Irritation..
Mercury and mercury compoundsPreservative, antimicrobial agentMay cause neurotoxicity, reproductive harm, organ toxicity and irritation.
Methyl CellosolveSolvents, viscosity controlMay cause DNA and cell damage, neurotoxicity and reproductive harm.
MCIT and MITPreservative, fragrance enhancerAllergen. May cause neurotoxicity, organ toxicity and irritation.
Preservatives, fragrance enhancerAllergen May cause neurotoxicity and organ toxicity.
PhtalatesPlasticizer, solubilizer, denaturantMay cause hormone disruption and reproductive harm.
ResorcinolColorant, fragrance enhancerMay cause organ toxicity and hormone disruption.
Triclosan and TriclocarbanAntimicrobial agentMay cause hormone disruption, organ toxicity and irritation. Environmental harm.